Markus Pearson was born in Kansas City, MO. on July-11-1991. His family moved to Conway, Arkansas when he was 4 years old. “Growing up” says Pearson, “there was always music in the house. My mom sang and played the piano for church and my dad was always playing on one of his guitars. He’d play music from every genre, from Aerosmith to Kenny Chesney and Sheryl Crow to Bob Welch. My sister sings as well. One of my earliest memories is of me playing Dwight Yoakam’s Fast as You when I was three on a plastic guitar. My dad showed me my first guitar chords when I was little and I started taking lessons when I was ten.”   

Any passionate musician will tell you - a real artist wants to connect with their audience. “I’ve never been a good public speaker or at telling people how I feel. But when I perform, I feel like I can be honest with people and they’re better able to get what I’m trying to say.” Pearson loves performing at the various venues across Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee and interacting with his fans. When asked what he hopes his fans get out of his music, Pearson responds, “I just want people to have a good time. I hope they get something encouraging and positive out of it.”  

With a smooth blend of acoustic rhythm, folk, country and southern rock combined with Pearson’s relatable lyrics and song writing, Markus Pearson’s music makes an authentic contribution to any listener’s iPod or stereo.